B2B Positioning Playbook

A 5-Day Crash Course On How B2B Data Analytics Consultants Can Demonstrate Their Expertise To Reliably Convert Traffic Into High-Paying Clients So They Stop Leaving Millions Of $$$ On The Table (Without Having To Be Salesy)

“Everything I needed to create a magnetic social presence that attracts my ideal client.”

  • Build Unbreakable Trust With Clients

  • Be The First One A Prospect Thinks About

  • Generate Multiple Leads/Month On Autopilot

  • Clearly Articulate Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Proven Strategies To Convert Online Traffic Into Clients

Everything You Need To Start Demonstrating Your Expertise To Attract Clients Without Having To Learn Complex Marketing Concepts And Having To ‘Hard-Sell’

My name is Jasper van Loon and I’ve worked in IT for 6+ years where I’ve directly generated more than $1M of value for other businesses with Data Analytics. I realized how backbreaking it can be to attract new and retain existing clients online. I finally cracked the code and now, I want to share everything I know with you.

“I never thought that not writing online made me miss out on so much $$ as a consultant. Jasper really opened my eyes with this crash course! I can’t believe it’s free.”

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Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1: The Challenges B2B Consultants Face When It Comes To Attracting New And Retaining Existing Clients (And Why It’s So Important To Master It)Day 2: The Mistakes B2B Consultants Make When Trying To Position Themselves As An Authority (85% Of Consultants Do This)Day 3: How B2B Consultants Should Approach Client Acquisition And Retention By Writing Online (The GhostRight Way)Day 4: Why This Strategy Works So Well In This Current Day And Age (And How You Can Start Today)Day 5: The Invaluable Benefits And Results You Can Expect (If You Do It Well)